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Lost Items

Our wardens often pick up lost items so if you are out on the hillsand are unfortunate enough to loose something please ring the office. After 12 weeks we take the item to the charity shop if we can't trace the owner.

Looking After The Area

As a resident you will have a special relationship with the Hills and commons. Sometimes the Hills are just a backdrop when returning home at the end of the day or the greens space as you drive around Malvern. Those that live around the Malvern Hills and Commons maybe take for granted these opened spaces, that is until they are threatened when they expect the conservators as their guardians to defend the land. Most of the time the seasons come and go without much disruption. However there are small things we can do to help keep this environment as a pleasant place to live.

We accept that the motor car is with us, however the rightful place for them is in your property or a car park or the road. Using the common land to park on is not only against the bylaws but spoils the enjoyment of the open space for others. If every one with property next to the common parked their cars the place would become a giant car park.

Although a touchy subject dogs form our biggest mailbag of complaints. Dog fouling is a problem for users of the Hills. We are often asked why we don't provide more dog bins. The bin themselves is not too expensive an item however the regular emptying and disposal would required extra money to facilitate. Much better to train your dog to go in the garden at home if you have one and reduce the waste on the Hills and commons. People who are country folk suggest that the answer is to encourage the dog to go in the rough. The problem for us in following this idea up as an official body is that there are over 600 water courses on the Hills, sometimes these can be contaminated by this practice. Moving on to another distressing topic. We have reintroduced stock so that the Hills and commons remain open -see the Management Plan for more details. Dogs running loose do from time to time attack or disturb stock. If you think your dog might be tempted why not enroll in a dog training course. It will be fun for you and your dog.

Mountain bikes can upset walkers. If a group of cyclists are riding down hill it can be a pain to loose the momentum however legally cyclist are only permitted on bridleways and although there is a good network of bridleways please familiarize yourselves with the OS map, don't assume because there are steps or the path is narrow that it is not a bridleway. Also don't forget a cyclist has to give way to a walker and a horse rider.

Other areas where people who regularly walk the Hills help is reporting incidents to us. Not only will you always get a reply but you will be more knowledgeable concerning the Hills and their Conservators.

Don't always assume we will say no. However it is a difficult job for us all balancing the needs of conservation with the needs of people, the web site particularly the Acts of Parliament set out many of the rules that govern us.

Finally we as Conservators of the Hills wish you to enjoy these nationally important facilities on your doorstep and hope that you are as proud as us to live in such a wonderful area.


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