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Other Organisations...

  • Malvern Hills AONB
  • Malvern Hills District Council


What We Do & Don't Do

With so many public bodies with Malvern Hills in the title we thought an explanation of our work and those of other bodies may be helpful

Malvern Hills Conservators

Own and manage the Hills, Link, Malvern, Castlemorton and Old Hills, and some verges around Malvern. See map. Responsible for protecting the land including trees, grass and bushes. Responsible for car parks, toilets at St Ann's Well, British Camp.

Malvern Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

This is a partnership of local authorities that come together to protect a national designated area. The designation covers a much larger area than the Hills and has tighter planning controls.

Malvern Hills District Council

The Council area is bigger still and they deal with issues such as rubbish collection, planning street cleansing etc

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